The Empty Chair

By Kara Legere Minton

I see the empty chair there

At the table where you’d sit,

I close your bedroom door tight

But still leave a lamp dimly lit.

I hold the bear you used to

When you were lonely or felt sad.

I still play your favorite songs;

The ones you'd danced with dad.

I still water your rose bush

The one you planted mother’s day,

I save a spot in church next to me

Hoping and waiting while I pray.

I still make dinner for four;

Even though I know there's only three.

I hold on tight to all your artwork

And just know you’ll come back to me.

I fix the crooked picture frames

Still hanging on the wall.

I look at them every day and say,

“I miss you, I love you, come home, that's all.”

I’ve tried to patch the piece of my heart

That lies empty all the time

But I can’t do that without you here;

you’re the piece absent in my life.

I’d give my life, my soul, my being

To know just where you are.

The pain that I can’t bear to take

I kissed up to the stars.

But I will never give up hope;

Or stop searching for my blessing.

Please remember me; the lost

Don’t ever give up on the missing.

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), every year in America, an estimated 800000 children are reported missing, ...
Here are some direct links to pages with search results for children missing from the Midwest.  When you get to the page, look to the column of photos down center of page